Hi, I’m Brian Biddulph-Krentar

Call me BBK.

People consider me a serial entrepreneur. I’ve met people who have started many more companies than the three that I started, but I consider it a compliment, and I’ll take it! Funny enough, I am limited to starting three companies, per my wife. Every time we became pregnant, I started a new business. Since we are done having kids, I’m told “No more companies.” That is good news for you, as I am now forced to help you grow your business.

I’ve started, funded, and led a consulting company and 2 software companies; all of which were acquired. That includes my most recent company, Magnus Health, which was a dream exit that any entrepreneur or investor would be proud of.

You see that crazy name and you know the KISS principle, so call me BBK.

Serial Entrepreneur

Saas Guru

I consider myself a guru when it comes to SaaS businesses. I am very strong when it comes to creating or refining strategy, developing and enhancing products, building a sales and marketing engine, creating client success organizations, and building partner programs.

If you are a company who is trying to hit the next stage of growth, trying to package yourself for investment or acquisition, or just looking for a new perspective on your business, give me a call as I am happy to help fellow founders or start-ups.

Contact me at for a copy of my book,
How To Build Your SaaS Playbook.

If you want to read a great founder story, or maybe you are in need of one because I know I’ve been there, check this out.

The Next Step…

If you are interested in assistance with your SaaS company contact me here.

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