Taking a look at a business under the covers is my specialty. It is amazing what you can learn by looking at data and asking questions, not only to organizational leaders, but to employees too. I will provide you an agenda of what to expect and we can dive in. I can guarantee you will come out of our session(s) refreshed, energized, and ready to grow.

At Magnus we knew we were about to take off. We spent a lot of time educating the market and we started to see a shift, including the maturing of the buying process by our prospects. We knew we had to create a more refined sales and marketing strategy, scale our departments for growth without a huge corresponding spend, and we needed to add experience to our team. Creating a detailed strategy each year was probably the favorite part of my job as I was able to collaborate with our leadership and teams, track and communicate our goals, and celebrate our successes.

Here’s how I can help:

  • Take a look at your entire business and uncover areas for growth, efficiency, and improvement
  • Partner with you and your leadership team to create a detailed, strategic plan that is easy to follow and execute
  • Create a metrics toolkit to measure success and easily communicate with staff and the Board/Investors
  • Develop a meeting cadence to keep everyone informed and feel a part of the process
  • Create a complete metrics toolkit to help you understand your business strengths, weaknesses, where to double-down, and when to pivot

Product Management &
Idea Execution

If you have an idea but need help furthering it and executing on it, I can help. My whole career I have been coming up with ideas that intersect a personal challenge with my professional experience. With Notifi Health, I received false lab results while on vacation, which gave me a severe scare. With CareFlow/Magnus, submitting health and safety information each year for my children was painful. My daughter has a peanut allergy, and my wife and I just never felt secure with the process for a school knowing what allergies and medical conditions children in their care have.

At CareFlow we were acquired by Magnus Health and unfortunately the Magnus development, product, and QA team members left the company. We made the decision to shift all CareFlow clients to the Magnus Health product, which was a completely different platform and the CareFlow team had to learn everything from scratch with no documentation.

This is simplifying it greatly, but once we became comfortable with the tech stack, we realized we were constantly falling behind in our roadmap. We had to completely redesign our processes, implement new tools, and create a more efficient meeting and communication plan.

It was difficult and we had some tough battles between product and development, but it worked very well. Being open to change and constantly trying to improve is critical. Remember James Clear’s theory, 1% daily improvement is a 37% gain in a year.

Here’s how I can help:

  • Review your product idea and look for areas to expand or improve
  • Assess your product, engineering, and QA processes and document suggested areas for improvement
  • Evaluate your communication process
  • Metrics, Metrics, Metrics!

Sales &
Marketing Engine

For most of my time as an entrepreneur, I was running product, sales, and marketing. Once I finally was able to bring in a Head of Sales and Head of Marketing, I was able to focus on building a true playbook for both areas. Once the playbooks were built, implemented, and we ironed out the rough spots; things took off. It is critical to put good process in place and bring in the right people to help your organization grow. Finding the right people for sales and marketing is more difficult than it sounds.

Need help building out your sales and marketing processes, no problem. I can help you build your sale playbook and your marketing plan.

Here’s how I can help:

  • Sales Playbook
  • Persona Selling
  • SDR/BDR Team
  • Account Executive Hiring Plan
  • Sales Stages with Specific Triggers
  • Discovery Process
  • Closing Paths
  • How to Speak About Pricing
  • Metrics, Metrics, Metrics!

Client Success &
Support Program

Having a client support team is a no brainer however, I would advocate the adding of a client success team as well. This team will own retention, NPS scores, client communication, upselling, and price increases. It is important to have client success partner with marketing in order to fine-tune client communications. They also must work closely with client services.

Your client support team will look very different depending on what stage you are at. If you are just starting out maybe you have my CareFlow model where we all sold, implemented, and supported. One of my favorite stories is the surprise looks I got answering support calls during our peak support season. One of my employees said, “wow you are actually good at support.” I wasn’t sure whether to take that as a compliment or to be offended.

Optimizing for efficiency will also mean different things based on your stage. However, regardless of where your business stands, you need to have efficient workflows and you must have a feedback mechanism in place.

Here’s how I can help:

  • Shape your client services and success departments
  • Develop a metrics toolkit for these areas
  • Create an up sell plan and buckets
  • Create a price increase model, messaging, and communication plan
  • Uncover opportunities to reduce caseload and automate case management in order to become more scalable
  • Metrics, Metrics, Metrics!

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